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How to use cnc drilling and tapping machining center reasonably?


When using a CNC drilling and tapping processing center, a small number of customers mistakenly believe that a drilling and tapping center can do a variety of traditional processing. If it is used improperly, it will cause greater damage to the equipment. I will briefly introduce it today. How to use related matters reasonably!

Let me talk about the processing range of CNC drilling and tapping machining centers. High-speed drilling and tapping centers occupy a very important position in the processing of small batches of steel, aluminum, copper, acrylic and other industries such as mobile phone shells and mechanical parts processing, especially mobile phones. Processing of parts. Most customers choose high-speed drilling and tapping centers because they can significantly improve the processing efficiency of parts and can meet the accuracy and smoothness requirements such as high-speed milling, drilling, and tapping. In addition to the spindle, you must pay attention to the torque of the spindle. The wrong application will directly affect the life of the machine tool. For example, a spindle with a low torque should be matched with a tool with a smaller diameter. If a tool with a large diameter is used for machining, it will cause great damage to the spindle. . For example, the power of the spindle of the CNC drilling and tapping machining center is below 7.5kW, and it is generally recommended to match the tool with a diameter of 16mm or less.

The above is a simple analysis of the use of the CNC drilling and tapping machining center, processing the corresponding material, paying attention to the spindle torque, and selecting the appropriate tool.